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A person or thing that Ejaculates a lot in public and sees no problem with it. A person or thing with Skeetzophrenia will normally masturbate for the majority of the day, and they will try to get other people to do the same thing. They will normally say they are trying to bring peace to the world by doing this and ease racial/species/class tensions. It has normally been used for just males who masturbate most the day, since females cant skeet, or at least its more like a squirt when females do it. Recently females have been added to the definition though.

Scientists are baffled at this new phenomenon, although it has been going on since the 1950s, but on a much smaller scale. The only explanation that the government and scientists have is that these people suffer from a severe mental illness. Some scientists think that it may be a special kind of Schizophrenia, or possibly an odd symptom of it. However, most these people dont show any of the other signs of Schizophrenia. People with this disorder will often say: "Its the only way to fly". People with this disorder are commonly called "Skeetzo".
Peewee Herman is rumored to have a minor case of Skeetzophrenia.

Avg Guy: "So...while were waiting for the train your just gonna masturbate...okay then(sarcastic)."
Skeetzo: (While masturbating) "Hey chill bra, this is my way of life okay? its not my fault that Im superior to you muggles, you can join me if you want."
Avg Guy: "Yeah...Im gonna have to pass...."
Skeetzo: "Your loss bra, Your loss"
(Dutch Schizo aka Goldmember walks past with a bowl of melted gold, and a paranoid look in his eye, he stares at Skeetzos member)
Dutch Schizo: (Talking to Avg Guy about Skeetzo) "Hey Guy, can I paint his Yoo-hoo gold? its kind of my thing, you know"
Avg Guy: (Moves in his power chair over to Schizo) "HOW BOUT NO, You Crazy Dutch Bastard!!!"
by David Skeet Jr. May 15, 2008
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A disease that rips families, friendships, and couples apart. It strikes from virtually no where, and scientist are still puzzled as to what has caused it. It is a disease in which the one afflicted is obsessed with his or her own feces. In most recorded cases the subject believes that their excrement is somehow trying to communicate with them. There also seems to be a pattern in which the afflicted fishes their defecation out of the toilet bowl and "saves them for later." They are often retained in jars. No one with this disease has ever been cured.
Peter: Next... next to the... uh... pickles... in the... um... pantry... was that... err... was that shit?

Chaz: Don't be so inconsiderate! I have Skeetzophrenia.

Peter: Is that like Gingervitis?
by Jopan Rocks December 18, 2008
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When you skeet and turn into a completely different person afterward.
*Girlfriend* "Hun last night during sex you were so sweet! You said you wanted to get married right away, have children, that I was your Snookumsss"

*Me* What the hell ? I said that?! I must have Skeetzophrenia because I dont remember any of that lame sh*t! AND WHY ARENT YOU MAKING ME A SANDWICH RIGHT NOW ?!
by xxSenor Bivinsxx April 07, 2015
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