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Adj: A promiscuous female who collects deposits of sperm as if they were a financial institution.
"Ew, why is she here? She is such a skank bank.... I thought this was a upscale bar?"
by LillianOliver April 07, 2009
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A place where guys can go and basically get any girl because hey are such sluts.
Whatever you do dont go to the hangout on the corner, it's a complete skank bank.

I heard your brother got some action at the local skank bank yesterday.
by firechild May 22, 2005
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Similar to “Rickrolling” but on a smaller scale, and not as sneaky and misleading.

Friends and foe can and complete strangers “Skankbank” each other, adding skankbank currency to their existing “Skankbank account”. To SkankBank someone or “Add to your account” with the Skankbank you must Text, instant message, personal message, or telephone an individual other than yourself or your mother and father(S) (one can not skankbank their own parents alive or dead) and communicate only the word “Skankbank” (if on telephone wait for the person in theory to say hello and reply to them very loudly and quickly “SKANKBANK!”).

By doing this you have Skankbanked said person and they are now in your account as currency with the Skankbank.

You may also go for a rebound and Skank bank a person a second time, but this can only be done In a separate message or telephone call and does not count unless you do so before they have time to respond to the initial skankbanking. Doing this is referred to as “Double Decker Skankbanking” and is banned in 3 states and frowned upon in Russia, though it is a perfectly legitimate act to attempt.

If you can cause someone to cry from skankbanking (try and target pregnant, pms’ing women or emotionally unstable homosexual men for best results) you are immune to incoming skankbanking for a time span of 1 week from the last tear they cry. This is called Wet Skankbanking

To keep your immunity for an optimal amount of time you may want to explore harassing the individual with more skankbanking and tormenting them to make them feel less adequate (keep in mind the initial reason they started crying has to originate from your skankbanking or it does not count as Wet Skankbank currency. You can not skankbank someone already crying for this reason. Instead wait for them to stop, at this time their emotions and likelihood of being pushed over the edge is at its highest. This state is known as “Ripe for the Skankbanking”.

Crying to avoid being skankbanked is punishable with death.


Skankbanking was invented in the 1930’s by Lumber jacks that would climb atop the tallest tree and yodel “Skank bank!” to their nearest adversary. If two or more lumberjacks would Yodel it at the same time they would fight to the death to determine who the rights of the Skankbanking went to.
If you receive a text message saying nothing but “Skankbank” with or without an exclamation assisting punctuation you have been skankbanked and are the Skankbankee legal skankbank tender of the assaulting Skankbanker.

Messages that include anything other than the initial statement do not count. An example of this such as “Hey how is the weather, my nipples are chafing me up a storm, oh and by the way SKANKBANK”.
by Stanley Travis April 25, 2008
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1) The list of women that one has fucked
2) To own someone so hard they become your bitch.
Man i just skankbanked that foo and now hes trying to suck me off.
by MisterBrightside September 04, 2006
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1. when an individual is trying to make moves on you, yet you feel as though they are not worthy of a hook up at that time or you are not nearly intoxicated enough, you can keep them in your "skank bank" and may choose to hook up with them later; also can be thought of as a mental little black book.
yeah dude she was totally trying to hit it last night but that bitch was way too sloppy, i'll just keep her in my skank bank for another time.
by skankbank October 13, 2010
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A wank bank is where one stores pornography on their storage platform of choice, Similarly, a Skank Bank is for the storage of tunes that one wishes to dance to.
"Thats one for the Skank Bank" (After hearing a banging tune)
by S4murai November 13, 2015
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1. A slang name to use for a hot night-club invented by Rafael Ferrero and Gary Fang
2. A very easy place to pick up girls
3. A place every heterosexual dude is on the hunt for
1. It's Thursday Night... You know what that means... Tripples at the skank-bank
2. Theres not a single skank-bank in this entire town!
3. That place on 17th is a for sure high-class skank-bank
by Rafael Ferrero April 14, 2008
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