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1. To try to get away with doing very little work, whilst looking very busy.

2. To sit in an office all day doing as little as possible, whilst simultaneously pontificating like Jean Paul Sartre on acid, and attempting to be a pseudo cheese eating surrender monkey.

3. To eat large quantities of fast food, have a fondness for solar powered garden gnomes, be a lardy person and come from Essex. Generally to be a 'grown up Frog chav' of very little taste and a proponderance for Burberry Ties (worn to hold up the trousers!).

" Hey King of Zogs, you going to do anything today?"
"No I'm just Skammin' it, might go down the pub for a beer and a gauloise later, if I can bother my left wing, psuedo intellectual arse to do so. Also one might actually need to persuade a patron to buy me a beer as I'm far to tight to buy one myself!"
"Watch out for the feathered rats, they kill anything that doesn't move!"
by STePPeNWoLFe September 12, 2006
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