- a term commonly used when guys are comparing genital size, or if they’re trying to make a point about their genitals
-Anonymous: “BRO! SIZE MATTERS” “whatever you say man”
by anonymous.otaku June 9, 2018
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A phrase that does no good for Mr. Puniverse. If he were smart he'd have a phrase saying it's better to be small.
New phrase "Quality not Quantity" meaning being a monster with a small penis rather than a wimp with a big one.
by IcyHaku December 2, 2004
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a myth perpetuated by 2 groups:

1)men with short penis'

2)women married to men with short penis' , women, that is, who don't want their guy to feel inadequate
Nancii said that size doesn't matter, but she also has said that she prefers a thick stiff one, good and far up inside her.
by Jake March 24, 2004
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what guys with small dicks say.
jeff: size doesn't matter

liam: you're only saying that because you have a little cock.
by your mother's mother October 29, 2014
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