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Most likely to be successful in any profession they choose. Loved by millions and has great potential to one day be famous and an inspiration to anyone who has heard of her. Friendly, charismatic, funny, kind, and often wanting to help those in need, not thinking about themselves. Unselfish, but tend to become a little obsessive over things they like such as sports, books, or music.
Sivana is trending #1 worldwide on twitter, again.
by BeggingYouToStay January 08, 2013
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Sivana is usually a kind, calm, athletic person. But when angered can take out their rage in the little things. Sivana is up for a challenge and will do anything to be successful, but if they spend too much time on something they become obsessive over it. Sivana is very loving, and usually likes anybody as long as the person doesn't piss them off.
Girl 1: Hey have you heard of Sivana, she's the best!
Girl 2: Ya I know right! Just don't piss her off
*Sivana shots a dirty look at a bitch*
Sivana: Yep don't piss me off
by Shidy May 26, 2016
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