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When you have a crush on a guy and he calls you his sister or sis, its worse than being friendzoned.
Me: Hey cutie (;
Boy: Hey sis!
Me: Did you just sister zone me?
by mollssyy September 14, 2014
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Similar to the Brother Zone, except to a woman. Pretty much, the guy/girl you like comes out with: "I like/love you like a sister". This can be done by men or women.
Chick 1: Hey sweetie, how did it go with Dan?
Chick 2: Shit. I just finished pouring out my soul to him when he tells me that he loves me, but only like a sister.
Chick 1: Shit. Sister Zone sucks.
by I Hate Zones November 05, 2009
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a relationship status, like the Brotherzone, but for chicks. it is sorta like hell, where you toe nails and catch to flames. Once in the sisterzone you can never escape.
Me: Hey tori, you are like a sister to me.
Her: Did you just SisterZone me?
by FuglyBugly May 10, 2015
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When you like a boy and they come out saying that you are like a sister.
Girl: "You do so much for me. Thanks for always standing up to me."
Boy: "Yeah of course. You are like a sister to me."
Girl: **Dammit...he just sister zoned me** "Yeah. You are like a brother to me."
by Catzarecool September 15, 2017
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