(Updated and corrected) A sissy slut, sissy-slut, or sissyslut is a MTF transgender person who still has a penis. They dress and act as feminine as possible, and they have also gone to great lengths to be the bottom and/or submissive partner, an example is that their penis almost always remains flaccid during intercourse.
Bro, I had sex with a sissy slut last night, and she came without ever getting hard.
by Spike Malone 2.0 May 9, 2021
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A sissy slut, or sissy-slut, like a shemale, is a cross dressing man who usually has breasts and still has his penis intact. Although, unlike a shemale, his breasts are a product of in taking estrogen instead of surgery, and his libido is extremely low due to the estrogen (unlike the shemale, who's penis can still get erect). They are also extremely submissive and enjoy being dominated by both men and women (even though men is more common). They are most commonly portrayed in pornography.
Look at that girly little sissy slut, he's getting dominated by four guys!
by Spike Malone March 2, 2018
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What the other two definitions said. However this term can also be used as an insult, either generally or specifically towards someone who evokes such qualities. Use at your own risk.
Person 1: I heard Tyler couldn't even handle being yelled at by his boss and left his office with tears in his eyes
Person 2: Dang what a sissy slut
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A well known white sissy in the community, known for her love of black cock and submissive nature , transformed over the years from a boy to a complete sissy , Morgan has won over the respect and appetite of the African American men . Morgan is also very well know for her love of abuse , bondage , bdsm , being degraded, she hardly has any kind of limits , she’s a known piss and cum receptacle , bukkake slave , certified queen of spades , she has no interest in white guys .
Sissy slut morgan is coming over to clean the house and also take a load from the party
by Sissyslutmorgan May 27, 2022
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