Your local, closested, cuckhold husband who projects his insecurities on to others by spreading lies to feed his egomaniac ways. Wife’s a jealous, cheap, hoe who needs a full-time therapist and hobbies that don’t involve slandering women with real careers.
He’s being such a good Sissy Boy!
by tryanalnexttime October 21, 2022
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A boy with a small penis who wears a thong and he is locked in a cock cage, he cums in his pants when he sees a picture of Justin bieber
by its the real deal September 21, 2018
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A boy that has a small penis, wears thongs and is trapped in a cock cage, he also cums his pants when He sees a picture of Justin bieber
by its the real deal September 21, 2018
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1.boy who lets people pick on him. they're too "afraid" to tell them to fuck off. most likely an emo boy.

2.guy who's in a boy band, sings like a little girl, acts like a fucking sissy.
1.sissy boy: *crying*

person:"why are you crying?"

sissy boy:"because that guy over there won't stop picking on me!"

2.sissy boy(in boy band)singing a gay ass pop song: *sings*

rocker: *beats the shit out of him with his guitar*
by Heather May 2, 2005
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An Spoiled Rich Child with no respect or morals part of the pirus bloods and is armed
by Sissy Boy Sinner March 31, 2019
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A white male that is effeminate in character, weak in physical strength, and cowardly in the presence of black men.
The sissy white boy wet her panties when the black man started yelling at her.
by BlackAl August 24, 2008
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a fat lazy piece of shit that never does anything.
they sit on the couch all day and eat, but cry when people call them fat. the lowest form of a human being. if they didn't exist no one would care.
Pete: hey look at that fat slob
John: eww hes a fruit cake sissy bone fat boy
Pete: Ya wow, i bet no one cares about him and he has no friends
John: On some real shit
by I'm too Important for You August 13, 2009
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