A James Charles fan who is so dedicated to him that they changed their gender to “sisgender” which is a shortening of “sister gender”
“Sisgender” is actually a miss spelling of “cisgender
by I eat SWERFs May 5, 2019
Don Libby's new gender for himself. Demonstrates how proudly gay he is. He
Don Libby level of homosexuality hS created a new gender called sisgender, and it is the ultimate level of gay pride to be in this gender class.
by Hua!!! November 26, 2019
Conservatives who think it means something to do with "trans" and that's all they know. Ask a conservative man if he's "cisgendered" and many will say "no" because they don't' know the actual meaning of the word. They don't know that saying "no" to being cisgendered means they are trans.
Conservatives being told cisgendered meant sisgendered.
by nukespike November 23, 2022