According to Aurthurian Myth, the greatest, and most noble of all the knights of the Round Table. He was a freakin' badass, which is why Guinevere fell for him, and not Arthur. He could take on twenty knights by himself and every knight wished they could be like him.
Sir Bors: Look Gawain, there goes Sir Lancelot!

Sir Gawain: He's a total Badass aint he?

Guinevere:Oh that he is.
by Mr. Entity January 20, 2012
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This medieval dude got his name (Sir Lancelot)... because he had to lance so many of his own boils!!!
by Major Thomas Randle September 25, 2018
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When a well hung dude gets a prince albert, not to be confused with a Sir Lancelittle, a prince albert on a lesser endowed dude
John Holmes just got a prince albert!
(A Sir Lancelot)
by Anne Hartigan April 16, 2009
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The look a girl gets on her face when you hit the womb: you always know when you've hit the womb on that definitive stroke. Sometimes combined with a retraction of the pelvis and gutteral "Oohh" noise
You either are familiar with the Sir Lancelot or you have a small penis and feign familiarity with the above.
by E-Dagget February 3, 2007
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