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1.)Besides Sipping Syrup or having a Sipp from a drink The Definition Sipp or Da Sipp can mean many persons,places or things in relations only to the state of Mississippi.

2.)A Southern Hip Hop Rap Artist and Ceo Of Kandy Paint Records Terry "Mississippi Sipp" Brisco Born & Raised in Leland,Mississippi 38756 January 12,1985.

3.)True Playas, Pimps, Hustlas and Fans of Down South Hardcore Reality Rap know Rap Artist & Ceo Mississippi Sipp Of Kandy Paint Records talent and street fame like they know their own. As a Yung 25yr old Player from the South and CEO of Kandy Paint Records Mississippi Sipp blazed the scene for local popular Southern rap acts such as Dj Bigg V(Fema Mixtape Vol 1.)Lower 9,BDP(BLACK DOGG POSSE),754 Boyz,Needle in a Haystack,Filthy South Coalition,Black Gold and countless of others to follow. As a Ceo,Artist,Song Writer,Producer and a Trill Hustler the LELAND MISSISSIPPI native is on the come up and is literally helping mold the sound of Southern rap music.
SippThe SippDa SippMississippi SippMississippiSippingSyrupLean
by MrsHoustontx October 07, 2009
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Slang for beverages, primarily (though not exclusively) those with alcoholic and/or narcotic properties.
Man 1: "yo lemme get some sipp."
Man 2: "hell yea mang" *hands cup of purple drank*
by Joobels March 05, 2019
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One wet fucker with real birds and dho share wet issa understatement
Sipps always have crix
by Unkown fucker June 10, 2018
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Verb: to microdose a hallucinogenic drug, to promote normal healthy social behaviors.
Chloe and Noah were acting weirdly nice at the party. Did they sipp beforehand?
by Gelato dad August 20, 2017
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