Something interesting, but for which the content and/or manner has negative or scandalous connotations.

The word was first birthed as a result of the popular TV show "Who's the Boss" where Tony Danza's character exclaims "That's interesting!". As a result of Danza's notoriously criticized articulation, the 's' merged with "interesting" to form the word "Sinteresting".

Today the word is chiefly used online. It has been applied to the gossip surrounding the recent Kanye West fiasco, and to describe uniquely brutal displays of skill in the online gaming scene.
Gossip is a form of sinteresting information.

Use 1:
Rodrigo: "I heard Santiago was having an affair"
Gabriela: "Sinteresting! Tell me more!"

Use 2:
Rodrigo: "Did you see that combo video!? It's so sinteresting!"
by catinthebag October 16, 2009
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