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The short term for Sinology, the studies of Chinese culture (language, history, philosophy, etc.)
Becoming more an more popular at the University of Zurich
->, whereas the really cool students started studying years ago.

Also referring to a smart, laid back student, studying the subject.
<Luc> See the guy over there? He's studying Sino.
<Dani> He must be a geek then.
<Luc> No man, Sinos rule!
by m-@ September 01, 2005
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The most badass cat that ever existed, basically a miniature fucking panther. Majestic as fuck!
Yoo that was so badass! I think I just saw a mini panther! "Nope.. that was that nigga Sino."
by Unlusted January 29, 2018
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Little dick (2 inches when looking at little kids). Has a few friends and is funny sometimes but annoying mostly.
Is that sino over there. Lol.
My dicks 2 inches ... 2 inches off the floor
by Rraid November 05, 2018
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