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A new day to fall between Saturday and Sunday. Extending the week to 8 days a week.

The day would be used to take part in all those things that you really don't have time for at the weekend. Every slobbish, bad for you, hedonistic thing that you wish you could do but because the weekend is so short you don't have time to recuperate.

Sunday is now just like any other day. We need another day in the weekend to make up for it. Bring on Sinday!

Originated by Philip Bloom on Facebook here:
What are you doing this Sinday? Fancy going on an all day bender?

Am not getting out of bed today, I can do the chores on Sunday. Today is Sinday!
by Philip Bloom February 13, 2009
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the day you should be in church but you're secretly home smoking bud and chilling with some champagne
"Dude, I can't wait to see you this Sinday, I've got some killer buds that will make you feel religious!"
by snappyyachtcappy November 28, 2015
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