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Simra means heaven and Princess! It’s a girls name and it’s absolutely beautiful! Next time you think of choosing a girls name, choose Simra!
Simra is absolutely amazing
by Anne Onamus 🤣❤️ June 07, 2018
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a beautiful Asian girl who's always happy and smiling. One who loves to listen to and solve other peoples problems but always keeps all of her stuff to herself. In short, she's an absolute gem of a person.
Guy 1: look at her, dude! She's a total Simra, I guess I am in love.

Guy 2: back off bro, that Simra's mine!
by someguywhosenamestartswithanF October 07, 2013
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Simra is a girls name which means heaven and princess. She's one of those people that will be there for you no matter what, people take Simra's kindness for weakness but that's ok because she want the best for other people no matter what. Simra doesn't think she's funny, but shes hilarious. its very rare to meet a Simra, so if you do keep her safe you are very lucky to have a friend like her.
my best friend is Simra, and i love her.
by holosoydoracanufindmylife March 02, 2019
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they look like kittens on the outside but can actually kill you then they're really nice aswell. gets pissed of easily. have 20 husbands and sarcasm level 10000. ya know what simras are amazing ok and flipping divas man
I searched simra on gif and simba came up lmaooo.
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by Linda the cleaning lady May 16, 2019
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