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A private Christian university in Redding, California. Where partying, sex, or use of alcohol or drugs is forbidden; pretty much any normal college behavior is frowned upon. But lets be real, the "christians" here are less than Godworthy. Judging and snitching are two of the most popular hobbies on campus. If you happen to attend this school, you are either here to inforce you religion on others, or came strictly for sports. However, the athletes here are hated and looked at by many as if a swastika is stamped on your forhead.
Damn, this church has less rules than Simpson University.
by Simpson's very own Satan October 20, 2011
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Simpson University is a private Christian University located in Redding. The university is currently under academic probation as its leadership could not get their shit together in enough time before the accreditors came knocking. Simpson would be better defined by precisely what it is not, it is not academically rigorous, it is not welcoming to diversity, it does not respond well to new ideas, and it is abhorrent to to what a university should be.
Andrew: "Where are you going to school?"
Jessica: "Simpson University."
Andrew: "Isn't that the school where a few of the Biology professors teach creationism?"
Jessica: "Yeah I don't believe in science my parents told me its lie invented by the Jews and Homosexuals.
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by SUAdmissionsTeam October 20, 2017
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