when Jake will do anything to get any girl (mostly harper) to love him but it never works out.

this also applies to gavin
Jakes profesional name is Dr Simp
by xbrxdy March 09, 2020
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a person on Twitter who has a GoodBoyHalo profile picture who simps for the Dream SMP egg. Not naming any names
Hey did you know that Madi simps for the egg?
What an Egg Simp
by CupcakeHalø September 22, 2021
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Someone who simps for Covid-19 by making it easy for the virus to get what it wants
“Dude who’d you call a Covid simp?”
Ron DeSantis
by Sanjopla September 25, 2020
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a person who gets so bored of lockdown that they begin to simp for a particular person whilst exclaiming they are in a hoe phase.
"have you talked to adam recently ?"
"yeah hes being a massive covid simp for genevieve"
by genzzzzzzz April 11, 2020
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Walking penises who find it physiologically impossible to resist paying an exorbitant price for their internet crush's organic waste. Can be used interchangeably with simpish cuck.
Why would you pay $30 for Belle Delphine's excrement infused bath water you cuckish simp!? Be kinder to yourself!
by cultured_asian March 06, 2021
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Guy 1: I have a gaming pc and u dont NOOB BROKE
Guy 2: You're still a fleet simp
by Undber January 02, 2021
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