An awful outdated system still used in many countries such as the US and partly in the UK.

Revolves around measuring weight, length, distance and currency in units that actually do not make sense, unlike the metric system which has been taken on board by most countries and is used in all science.
imperial system : 12 inches is a foot. 3 foot is a yard. 1760 yards is a mile.

metric system : 10 milimetres is a centimetre. 100 centimetres is a metre. 1000 metres is a kilometre.

Which system makes sense?
by Nic August 30, 2005
Synonym for incorrect, appalling, or disgusting .
“Omg, that shirt looks horrible on you. It’s like, imperial system bad.”
by Haha pseudonym go brrr January 29, 2021
Imperial-Using-Person: "How many feet-"

Literally everyone else: "Shut the fuck up."

Imperial-Using-Person: "What, why??"

Literally everyone else: "Because you use The Imperial System. Your opinion is invalid."
by ETHAN_JÆDA November 15, 2020
Shitfuckery, used to describe how an individual's brain cannot understand the metric system
Can you tell me this with imperial system's units ?
No 💀
by Raphaeltael February 23, 2022
An awfully effective, real-world-based system of weights and measures still used in some countries such as the US and partly in the UK - despite the almost dictatorial pronuniciamentoes of the EU 'Yurp'} that everything must be measured in some - mis-measured - micro-fraction of the Earth's semi-demi-circumference.
Revolves around measuring weight, length, distance and energy etc. in units that actually do make sense - inch - called 'un pouce' in French is the length of the first digit of your thumb; span is the span of a man's hand fingers outstretched; a foot - 'un pied' in French - is - well . . . - the length of a foot; a yard is a pace or step; acre is the area a horse will plough in a day 220yards by 22 yards; a chain - 22 yards - is the length of a cricket pitch. And so on.
Unlike the metric system which may have been taken on board by most countries and is used in - almost - all science - the brightness of nebulae is - please note - measured in crabs and millicrabs; but you knew that.

Seriously, metric works for scienfitc calculations. But - when did you last have to work out the weight of an inch of rain falling on an acre (versus a centimetre of rain on a hectare!).
Goliath was six cubits and a span; those Imperial units equate - in other Imperial units - to an improbabble nine foot eight tall.
Now, the metric equivalent is 2,95m (equally improbable, but not blindingly obvious to a lay man).
"The Imperial system relates to human beings, and the things they are familiar with," said Nichola to her pal Nic; "It can be used for recondite scientific calculations, but metric may well be better for those."
by railtracksurvivor March 17, 2009
The Imperial System is a system of measurement developed by pimps, for pimps and is thus used in America and a few other pimpin places as opposed to the Metric System would sounds kinda gay.
Hah the Metric System? Too easy to use! It takes a real pimp to use the Imperial System.
by KingLampshade May 22, 2009
The Imperial System is the superior unit measurement system used by the superior species, Americans. 🦅🦅 The metric system on the other hand, is unnecessary and can go fuck its self.
Julia: Omg the Imperial System is sooooo amazing! It's like sooooo much better than the metric system.

Liam: ikr? 🦅🇺🇸
by a_cool_american January 1, 2022