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The act of performing a golden shower, which is urinating on someone, either for sexual pleasure or attempts at humiliation. The difference is that the one who is performing the silver shower is hydrated, causing the urine to be silver instead of gold.
Molly: I thought he was going to treat me like a princess and give me a golden shower today!
Amber: What? Are you kidding me? I thought he always wanted to do that to you!
Molly: Yeah I know! He drank too much water so it ended up being a silver shower.
Amber: Wow. What a jerk.
by ppg436 October 06, 2013
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Exploding a huge burst of cum all over your sex partner, usually in 3-6 medium doses
Sharron jerked me off soo much and chocked my cock that i bursted and gave her a silver shower,she stayed in the bathroom for 5 hours..
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by Evilerskull September 26, 2018
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Second only to the golden shower, the silver shower consists of urinating on one’s self while doing a hand stand. Typically used for those curious about a golden shower or someone craving a golden shower but cannot find a urinater.
Hey guys, sorry I smell bad, I gave myself a silver shower today.
by Hammer20 November 02, 2011
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(Verb) To accidentally spray a large amount of metal pellets upon the face of a friend during a quail-hunting event.

(Noun)To fuck with and declare open war to a country populated majoritarily by brown people. The word is graphically associated with the goldenshower, except that the shower consists of ammunition, bombs and blood.
Dick Cheney silvershowered Harry Whittington.

America gave Iraq a silvershower and it soon became a clusterfuck.
by Lewis Black's representative January 14, 2010
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