When you are at a strip club and you come in your pants, it leaves a silver dollar stain. You don't wanna be seen with that silver dollar.
Wear black underwear and black pants to a strip club so you don't see that silver dollar.
-Ronnie the limo driver
by ronniethelimodriver0 March 20, 2015
A silver dollar refers to an unusually large areola on a woman. As big as a silver dollar.
I knew Jamie had huge cans, but when she took her shirt off she also had silver dollars.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
nipples that are as big as silver dollars, used mostly for women with big nipples
Damn..bianca got some silver dollars.
by ronnie s May 4, 2005
1. A male or female who is extremely attractive and is off the charts when it comes to a rank of 1-10; One who is sexy, beautiful, and intelligent and can cause stares wherever they go
2. one who has an exorbitant amount of sex appeal
That girl is fine as hell; Now that's a silver dollar: beauty, brains, breast and booty!
by Isyss January 5, 2004
A pool of semen left in the small of a ladies back, shiny and round like a silver dollar
"Dude is it gay if I left a silver dollar on Sylvias back and thought about licking it up?"
by jaegerdon January 13, 2010
The area of a man's jeans near his balls that has been worn down by constantly adjusting and tugging at his junk. Usually the size of a silver dollar.
Check it out, homey's got a silver dollar showing.
by tearass May 29, 2010