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When you are at a strip club and you come in your pants, it leaves a silver dollar stain. You don't wanna be seen with that silver dollar.
Wear black underwear and black pants to a strip club so you don't see that silver dollar.
-Ronnie the limo driver
by ronniethelimodriver0 March 20, 2015
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by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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A silver dollar refers to an unusually large areola on a woman. As big as a silver dollar.
I knew Jamie had huge cans, but when she took her shirt off she also had silver dollars.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
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nipples that are as big as silver dollars, used mostly for women with big nipples
Damn..bianca got some silver dollars.
by ronnie s May 04, 2005
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1. A male or female who is extremely attractive and is off the charts when it comes to a rank of 1-10; One who is sexy, beautiful, and intelligent and can cause stares wherever they go
2. one who has an exorbitant amount of sex appeal
That girl is fine as hell; Now that's a silver dollar: beauty, brains, breast and booty!
by Isyss January 04, 2004
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A pool of semen left in the small of a ladies back, shiny and round like a silver dollar
"Dude is it gay if I left a silver dollar on Sylvias back and thought about licking it up?"
by jaegerdon January 13, 2010
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leader of a guild who works for cheap....
very cheap
wow, silverdollar. only 10cents?
by opps i did it again January 06, 2009
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