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as heard on the Opie and Anthony show, trout pouch is used to describe the earthy fragrance of a woman's vagina
Travis: "I was with Keissa last night."

Other Travis: "Oh ya, how was it?"

Travis: "She had a bad case of trout pouch!"
by jaegerdon April 28, 2010
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a mustache on either a straight or gay individual
Byron: Did you see Johnny Knuckles mustache?

Troy: Ya thats a sweet three corner dick duster!
by jaegerdon September 27, 2009
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After engaging in dirty anal sex, your weiner is covered in fecal matter and the lucky lady of the evening sucks it off resulting in a nice brown ring around her mouth.
"Claude ass slammed that coke whore last night and she sucked his dick. She ended up with some dirty lip gloss. Tee Hee."
by jaegerdon January 28, 2010
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A pool of semen left in the small of a ladies back, shiny and round like a silver dollar
"Dude is it gay if I left a silver dollar on Sylvias back and thought about licking it up?"
by jaegerdon January 13, 2010
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