Silica is the name of a really childlike person. Silica really cares about her friends and gives a lot of gifts. And dates a lot of people. shes great.
Silica is a great person to be friends with.
by jjperez February 22, 2018
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This stuff in a packet that resembles a sugar packet, keeps things dry. Something that should NOT be eaten.
This sugar says 'Do not eat'. Must be silica gel.
by DoNotEat February 26, 2005
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Irititation of the vagina due to the presence of silica (sand).
Damn, she has a bad case of silica vaginitis today.
by eatmypoopyyouwhore August 04, 2006
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They devil incarnate in the form of extremely finely ground sand used to purify crap in organic chemistry labs. Silica gel is bad for your lungs and gives you silicosis whatever the fuck that means, and it also results in doing columns, which are basically hell and will eat hours of your life that will never ever come back.
I have to purify my shit with chromotography with silica gel again. FML.
by pendragoness July 30, 2009
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