Sika is the most wonderful, accepting person you will ever meet. She’ll lift you up out of any ditch you find yourself in and wants to make sure you’re alright. Sika can make friends with anybody, but every relationship with her feels special. Probably the funniest person you will ever meet, she’ll have you on your knees laughing! If you know a Sika, then you have been blessed. Keep her close and don’t hurt her, because she is the best person you could possibly befriend.
Person A: I don’t know man, I just haven’t been feeling myself lately.

Person B: Talk to Sika! Trust me, she’ll be happy to help.

Person A: I don’t doubt it, Sika is the best!
by Baby_Bunnyquake May 03, 2020
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A slang for "yes" in Colombian Spanish. It is similar to the "yeah" in English. It is more usually used for ¨rolo¨people from the capital city.
Maria: Would you like to go to the party?
Rolo: Uyyy sikas parce!
Maria: Okay, see you.
by Anye8 March 15, 2018
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Meaning: Pig Slut
Sika is pig in Finnish and Pute is slut or bitch in French
So you can call someone a pig slut and be multicultural at the same time
Can be used as a nickname for your friends
"Whatta Sika Pute"
"You're just a Sika Pute
by closean May 05, 2018
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(two meanings)

(1) an expression. namely used when shanking somebody.

(2) turn it around and say it backwards (halfakis, or half a kiss)
(1) SIKA FLAH!! Die fucker!!

(2) sika flah now, and sika flah later
by cory December 04, 2004
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Sika's are bitches with no friends.

If you're called Sika no one likes you. You have no friends and you just suck. Sika's are the definition of horsegirls who eat grass. Sika's will never, NEVER, find love and will die alone with nobody... not even cats beacuse they hate you too you little piece of shit. Sika's can only be friends with other Sika's because no one else are willing to make the mistake and talk to them. That's too bad because if your name is Sika you're probaly the only person in this world with that name. Sika, just admit it to yourself, you're not funny! Your sense of humor sucks!

P.S. This was written by a Sika so I know what the fuck I'm talking about.
Hi, my name is Sika
Oh, I already knew....
Because you're lonely, have no friends and is a bitch
by idontlikemyname April 19, 2020
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It is a "word" or just an exclamation that Sabahans commonly use to say "Shoo!".
Specifically to a dog.

That's all there is.

Oh, and another variant:
-Sika po!
A: Sika! Anjing, budu.

(With the variant)(Basically the same thing)
A: Sika po! Anjing, budu.
by Vince0110 January 02, 2022
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