A person who engages in the act of panhandling who may or may not be homeless
Don't give than Signer money, he's probly no really homeless.
by Mizumusashi November 4, 2017
A person who signs a legal document without reading it or understanding the document's contents.

In the foreclosure industry, robo-signing is the practice of a bank employee signing thousands of documents and affidavits without verifying the information contained in the document or affidavit. Some reports have revealed that one bank official performed the Herculean task of signing off on almost 10,000 documents in one month. The practice calls into question the validity of thousands of mortgage foreclosures across the country. When the practice recently came to light, four major banks, J.P. Morgan Chase, Ally Financial/GMAC, Bank of America and Wells Fargo all called a halt to foreclosure actions in 23 states. In the days following their announcements, Bank of America ceased foreclosures in all 50 states. A coalition of 40 attorneys general plan on launching a probe into mortgage-servicing practices and may hold them accountable where there were violations of state foreclosure laws.
"Bank of America and several other institutions, including JPMorgan Chase and GMAC Mortgage, halted foreclosures in late September and early October amid a growing controversy over problematic documents, including so-called robo-signers — bank employees who say they signed foreclosure affidavits without reviewing the documents."

-The Washington Post, October 21, 2010
by DeeGee212 June 17, 2011
A white woman who dates thug or ghetto black men. Usually tend to be overweight and has tattoos of "her baby daddy (ies)" on her breasts.
Dumb white girl: I met Tyrone at Wal-Mart. He took me to the McDonald's to have a coke. We went to his sister's apartment afterwards and omg, sex was great!

Smart white girl: HAHA, you're a co-signer! Yeah, he'll fuck you right, but get ready to co-sign for his car loan, his apartment, his rims, his new grill... ETC
by Yes_it_was_me December 3, 2010
An individual that goes along w/ everything another says w/ no thought or opinion of his own!!
Kane, you co-signer, stop co-signing everything that the managers force feed us!!
by Neftali August 31, 2006
A person with good credit who signs a loan application along with you, so you can get the loan. If you fuck up, their credit gets fucked up, and you will feel the co-signer's wrath.
My deadbeat brother asked me to be a co-signer for a loan so he could buy a new Lexus...I told him to suck my balls.
by my name?? October 24, 2005
Somone who is always on a certain persons side. Always agrees with specified person. Laughs at stupid jokes person says just so they won't get made fun of by person.
Leroy (to Artez): Man you look like a sexy moose

James(cosigner):HaHaHa man you to funny Leroy, you need your own show

Artez (to James):Man James you a co-signer man always laughing at Leroy lame jokes
by fasfdaf October 20, 2005
A person court ordered to attend AA meetings who never speaks and stays only long enough to get their slip signed by the chair person.
"Hi, I'm Jim and I'm an alcoholic. I'd just like to listen today."

"Slip signer," the rest of the room thinks in unison.
by Skid Mark VZ December 9, 2008