Alternate spelling of the word "sign", or can be used as a replacement of "warning" when talking about fucboiis.
M: Can't believe that my once best-friend is that kind of person.
A: He believed an out-of-nowhere insta account was "a sign" from God...
M: Girl, the only thing he should believe is that he's got to go. /We/ got the sighn.
by Maydell August 29, 2018
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The act of signing a contract for which you have zero desire to do so. You literally sigh whilst signing it.
Boss: have you signed that contract extension ?
Contractor: sigh, yes, I've sighned it...
by Sudbury Hall November 6, 2018
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To tear the brothas up-formmaly used by pootie tang in the 2001 film "pooty tang"
yo damien its a sad damien when i sighn your pitty on the running kind
by justin October 21, 2003
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