A euphemism for consuming any media of high quality, used by black metal fans. 'Sieg Heiling' ALWAYS appears with the progressive aspect.
"At the moment, I'm Sieg Heiling 'Introduction to Graph Theory' by Richard Trudeau. His explanation of the Euler characteristic is very lucid."

"I was Sieg Heiling 'Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age' the other day. It's truly a classic of the genre."
by 1338 h4x0r April 8, 2008
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The German-English translation means "hail victory". The Nazi meaning is "we will win" or "we salute the highest".
"Sieg heil mein fuhrer", said the Nazi to Hitler.
by ShoopKiller September 2, 2004
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In english translation, "Sieg Heil!" is "Hail Victory!"

Sieg = Victory
Heil = Hail

(a little German lesson for you :P)
(dont know any examples for Sieg Heil)
by Hanyou Vale March 19, 2011
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When someone identifies their gender as a member of the third reich
That girl over there said her pronouns are sieg/heil
by Dababby May 7, 2021
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a popular Nazi rally cry. Translated to english, it means "hail to victory!"
the nazis kept screeming sieg heil at their rally
by Capt_Capacitor April 25, 2005
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