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Noun; pronunciation: sid-ruh

Also spelled Sidra

1. A badass motherfucker.
2. A term that is used for someone, specifically a girl, who is unbelievably amazing at all aspects of life.
3. Arabic, short for Sidrah-tulmuntaha (Sidrat al-Muntaha)- meaning a lotus tree that marks the end of seventh heaven (in Islam)
4. Also named for a village in Poland, a body of water, and a 45 floor tower
5. Someone too cool for the human race.
Oh, she's definitely Sidrah.
by rkf10 March 24, 2009
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Shes an intelligent Pakistan girl. that even though she hits you up to hang out and go to her house, it never ends up being as fabulous as you thought, although you did talk about it before. Sidrah is an inch taller than her and has the most friendliest vibes you have ever seen. Your friendship to her will last forever and you will not regret it. She might swear a little bit, but you will never mind that. She's smart because of her religion, and you might think that she is just very smart but no, its her religion.
I value a lot of things of Sidrah, her kindness, the way she is able to solve your problems. I also love how she helped me with my homework when no one else could have.
by ChristianQueen March 16, 2018
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