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Sidebanger = From the Side I'd Bang Her. Intraocualar Excitement and inducement triggered from gazing at an attractive female.
Scenario: Driving next to some girl in a her car.

Shloimy: Yo Yo Homies , I'd bang her

Me: Fo Real??

Shloimy: Fa Real Homie. Dat is da shit....

Meanwhile we speed up in the left lane and get ahead of the car.

Me: Yoooooooo, she's madddd old. She's old enough to be your grandma's grandma. That's some sick shit bro.

Shloimy: Homie dat be sidebanger.

Me: Bro dat's still some sick shit. I wouldn't bang her at all from the front or the side. U be trippin.
by SimiB January 21, 2016
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