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Play on the term sidetracked: When a person gets too spun out on meth and they cant seem to focus on the subject or task at hand
by Holmanation323 May 09, 2016
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When you get distracted by a million different things & forget 100% about what you were going to do in the first place.
Sorry bud, I got side twacked & took forever!
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by November 20, 2019
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When you are supposed to be somewhere, but you hit the pipe a few too many times, you are so spun on meth that you end up on about five different side missions.
1. 3:00AM--
"I know I was supposed to be here at noon but I had to go the store, smoke, pick up carl, smoke, ran into Lisa & Rachel, smoke, went home to change clothes and check my e-mail, smoke, and ended up on Urban Dictionary for hours. I guess I got side tracked". "More like Side-Twacked".
2. "Put down the pipe and come strait here. Don't go getting Side-Twacked alright".
by Sue Pergone November 25, 2006
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Its whenever anyone who is doing speed, go, tweek, or Meth gets sidetracked
"Bro i was so SideTwacked i forgot to hit the bowl"
by CROWSAYOTHLAVEY March 20, 2019
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