To be overly excited or happy about something. Origin: DC slang
"I'm sicced as fuck, this bitch is about to bop me off." - Translation for white people or lame as niggaz- i'm really excited, this girl is about to suck my cock.

person 1- yeah im about to get that bop from this bitch downstairs.
person 2- damn........ your sicced.

by yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh dc February 4, 2009
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Instead of sick - (sic).
An old Slipknot song from 1999, Self-titled album.
Expression used by Slipknot fans (a.k.a Maggots) for expressing surprise or admiration.
Ay yo, that guitar is (sic)!
Thank you!
by vikxdz April 15, 2021
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Used when quoting someone directly (usually in newspapers) and placed after the person being quoted makes a spelling error. The journalist/writer inserts (sic) to inform the reader that they aware of the spelling error but left it that way as to keep the quote verbatim

This is usually used for written quotes ie. letters
the girl wrote a letter to her mother:
"Dear Mum, I want to no (sic) how you have been"
by luke1111111111111111111111 December 12, 2005
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Said in Context

Used in journalism when someone uses slang or misspeaks and the author doesn't correct it to keep the quote intact.
"Don't let nobody (sic) come in here"
by Goose48 January 10, 2006
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(sic) (Latin for "thus") is a bracketed expression used to indicate that an unusual spelling, phrase, or any other preceding quoted material is intended to be read or printed exactly as shown (rather than being an error) and should not be corrected. When found in a French document, (sic) stands for "Sans Intention Comique" (without comic intention) meaning that even if the preceding text could be understood as funny, it was not meant to be. It is used by writers quoting someone to alert the reader to the fact that an error or other weirdness in the quoted material is in the original, and not an error of transcription. "Sic" is almost always enclosed in parentheses.

A simple way to remember what it means is to consider sic as a pnemonic for 'spelt in context'.
1. I M (sic) and tired of literary shortcuts! - Used here to amplify that the shortcut "I M" is a shortcut used intentionally instead of "I am"

2. Not Here Today - I am il (sic).

3. Good grammer sic and spelling is sic important for writing good papers.
by Ravi Abraham January 13, 2005
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1) also (sic); used when quoting someone and the person being quoted made a spelling error. This shows that the writer is aware of the mistake but doesn't correct it in order to quote properly.

2) used in chats and forums to point out that someone has made a dumb or disgusting remark. Also used to point out spelling and/or grammar mistakes or annoying txt tlk.
Can be used with or without square brackets.
1) "Your (sic) not aware of this mistake, are you?"

A: ur a hot gurl??!1

B: sic
by Zombie Jesus_the second December 1, 2010
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Latin, "thus"; used to indicate that an error in the original has been replicated in a quote.

When you're quoting someone else, and the original includes an error (spelling, fact, conception) it may be necessary to assure readers that (a) you noticed the error and (b) it is not yours, but that of the person you're quoting. Since it is a Latin expression, it needs to be italicized, and in the Urban Dictionary this means enclosing it in asterisks.
His columns are full of brilliant insights such as this one:

"World War II erupted at Munich *sic* in 1941 *sic* because President Roosevelt *sic* was too weak-kneed to stand up to Hilter *sic*."

The man should not be allowed to go about unattended, let alone publish newspaper columns.
by Abu Yahya March 8, 2009
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