A demonic little creature who eats your shoes, pees on the floor, and sheds everywhere yet still ends up to be the sweetest dog you'll ever encounter.
Non-husky Owner: omG i looove huskys tehy are the BESTESTIEST dogs everrr

Siberian Husky "owner": He's a lil shit.
by Yogurt the Potato June 3, 2014
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Eating someones asshole out until they blead, while lighting their pubes on fire with one hand, and tickleing their naval with the other.
Devin, If you are not up by noon, I am going to come over and Siberian Husky both you and your mother.
by Harriett George December 13, 2008
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It's totally when you and your best bro bang the same chick within 72 hours without knowing the other did. Similar to eskimo brothers.
Luke and Andre became Siberian Husky Brothers last week at the company retreat. Sandra is such a whore.
by TV's LW March 22, 2010
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