Shutter: is to shit, cum, shower in that order.
"Hey, Sean Mendez how was your Shutter"It was great I feel so relieved.
by Mighty Shummer October 19, 2021
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When a person can fart on command therefore opening and closing their butthole like a camera shutter
Stewart was shuttering so hard that he shot crap out on ross.
by dirtyvulture June 05, 2011
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To shutter or shuttering means that you don't do anything or you chill. The term was coined by SCA students in 2007. You can also add the year you graduated to it: shutter '08.
We are so going to have a shutter day.

Everyone shuttered in Spanish today.
by Emily Jane B. May 26, 2008
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when you are so mad you start putting words together
bitch better shutter damn mouth
by mexicanbean_uracist February 22, 2018
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When your partner grabs a pencil and draws a cock on your back
i went to bed and my partner shutters me. i could not be more in love with someone
by hello mate i am joNathaN February 18, 2021
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the biggest mindfuck movie ever made. Directed by Martin Scorcese
"Hey did you see Shutter Island?"
"Was it good?"
" Lets just say my mind was fucked"
by thenueb February 28, 2010
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