Common in the comment sections of Minecraft YouTubers and the like from 8-12-year-olds who don't quite have a complete grasp on grammar yet...
"Wow that video was great, would watch again!" -Average Joe
"Shut the up I know way better channels." -Salty 8-12-year-old
by cr1ms0nfyr3 November 2, 2017
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usually said as 'shut up, shut it up' its harsher then just saying 'shut up' and much cooler sounding, also.
guy 1: 'youre a total n00b, man.
guy 2: 'shut up, shut it up! i could pwn you any day.
by jorsh April 4, 2006
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When somebody is annoying and you don't want to curse at them you can just say "shut the up" instead of "shut the f**k up" / "shut the hell up"
by spr_eader January 2, 2021
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the hard term for "be quiet"
shut up!
by C-dawgg January 19, 2003
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A quick way of saying "be quiet". Often this term is unliked by adults, they think it's rude.
by The Human Being/Person December 5, 2016
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Another way of saying, "you've won the arguement, but I'm not going to admit it".
Girl: Why are you speaking in a French accent?
Guy: Because I'm speaking French...
Girl: Shut Up.

Guy 1: That girl is such a slut!
Guy 2: No she's not; she's had one boyfriend in the past year and didn't even have sex with him
Guy 1: Shut Up.

Wife: Do you want the big half or the small half?
Husband: That's impossible as two halves would be of the same mass, so a larger/smaller half is not possible
Wife: Shut Up.

Student 1: From now on, If anyone comes into this lesson they are marked as late
Student 2: I don't think that's your decision to make
Student 1: Shut Up.
by Maggot Carrier July 6, 2009
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