When a certain tribe feels threatened of being exposed the end all discussion and censore you.
"The goyim are starting to catch on and sharing too much info to their social media followers, froends and family!! Shut it down!!"
by Face0fBased on iFunny February 28, 2022
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To end a situation of your making because it has gotten out of control.

To call an end to a situation that is heading in a direction you don't like.

Usually used in a humorous manner to highlight that you don't approve of a situation
You organise a work social event and after a few hours it is descending into drunken chaos so you call 'OK, shut it down'.

You and friends go to see a movie that turns out to be of poor quality or distasteful so as it gets to a particularly bad scene you call 'Shut it down' as you walk out.

by mildlyinteresting April 5, 2009
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1. Remaining at an establishment for recreation until the small hours of the morning.

2. Doing a thing the best, hardest, most full out that it can be done.
1. "How late were you at the club?"

2. "What are your plans regarding the Lil Wayne concert tomorrow?
by nahdog212 August 3, 2011
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The beginning of the end, generally used to inform "The Boys" of the green light you have recieved from a female who is willing to mate.
"Whats the deal with that hot body you've been talking to?"
"I understand and will speak to you in detail tomorrow."
by Kabouta January 25, 2006
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to call for an end to someones tomfoolery or shenanigans
dood, you cannot drink more busch heavy than me.. shut it down
by boodism December 2, 2011
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to give your girl/boy an amazing sexual experience that connects you with the universe
Jimmy shut it down for me last night!!! OMG IT WAS FREAKY LEAKY!
by meeshabeesha April 11, 2010
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Something that a person needs to stop doing, immediately.

“Paula dropped her onion rings all over the ground. She said that’s God’s way of telling her to shut it down!, and stop eating.”
by Ash-Ree May 1, 2007
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