Small ugly boy with excessive hair grown around the anal opening. Very sexually and socially confused often needs help from people around him to comprehend the daily challenges thrown at him
Wow that’s definitely a shura
by Shiiiootblock April 20, 2018
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Shura- when you are sucking dick and sneeze simultaneously while the guy cums and you shoot his cum out of your nostrils like a mighty cum dragon.

Shura is also an acceptable replacement for poop, shit, crap, or feces.
I was getting a blowjob last night and the chick shurad on my fucking stomach!

The dog took a shura on my neighbor's lawn.
by Hoppity Bobbycock May 31, 2019
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one of the sexiest MF that ant man or woman will ever have the pleasure to be fucked by since science has shown that most shura's are bisexual
he is one hot damn shura
by meater22 April 3, 2011
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