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Utterly lovable and cute, a Shriya is the nicest kind of girl you will ever come across.

Shriyas hate hurting other people, love animals, and are fiercely loyal friends. They are also highly intuitive, and immediately know when you're in trouble.

If you're nice to them, they'll go out of their way to help you out, even if it means putting their own lives on hold or in jeopardy.

Never forget what they've done for you, because though selfless, they feel tremendously hurt if you don't give back to them at least 50% of what they've given you. And if you hurt them, they'll keep it to themselves and end up hurting themselves rather than take their anger out on you or someone else.
1. She's remarkable, that Shriya is.

2. Shriya, thank you for being there for me when no one else was. You're awesome and I love you forever!

3. If there's anyone I can count on to keep a secret, it's Shriya.
by 8BV6 January 16, 2013
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The most beautiful girl ever. They have a certain charm to them, and they are talented in so many ways!!!
Did you just see Shriya walk by? She's a total cutie!!!
by itz ur boy June 03, 2018
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A Shriya is an insanely weird girl who is fiercely loyal to her bestie. Shriyas tend to be extremely organized, laid-back, and hilariously weird. They're sexy and awesome and define the word awesomeness. They do really weird stuff and have really weird faces that are saved for special occasions (like when their bestie does something stupid). They're obsessed with One Direction and will one day marry Harry Styles. Shriyas are hot, gorgeous, smart, and fucking badass.
Dude 1: OMFG! That girl is so sexy and perfectly weird.

Bestie: What do you expect, she's a Shriya.
by MyBestiesInsane April 13, 2013
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1. A South Indian Actress who some people find hot

2. A smart, fabulous, amazing, gorgeous person who loves life and loves people in general, and is proud of her Indian and Hindu heritage. Doesn't get messed in stupid shit or funny business because she has enough fun without it.

(both pronounced "shree-yuh")
A "I just saw this awesome movie with Shriya Saran"

B "Who the hell is that?!"

A "Look her up on Google images"

B "Oh dayummm!"


A "Do you know that girl Shriya, she's running for class president"

B "Was that the girl who did that dance in the talent show and is in the Top 10?"

A "Yeah that's her"

B "Oh, yeah I'm voting for her"
by peace19more March 16, 2009
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an indie kid, wears very fitting jeans, and constantly talks about music that no one else seems to listen to.

attn: do not confuse indie with emo
"man, did you see that girl over there? she was acting like such a Shriya."

"i think Shriyas are the coolest. they don't give a fuck."
by burnthiscity October 06, 2007
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