Pepsi can, Canada’s flag, half and half, icy hot.

He’s a boi who has daddy issues and is scared of kettles because his mom burnt his face.
Person 1: Who’s Shoto Todoroki

Anime fan: You mean icy hot?
by pudgegoesoof April 22, 2019
Not 5 weenies. Also known as a depressed candycane. I may or may not simp for him-
“My name is not 5 weenies. My name is Shoto Todoroki From the hero course.”
by QuinnTheAnimator✨ May 21, 2021
A IcyHot Prince, he has two quirks, ice and fire. He decides not to use his left side for reasons.
Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki are just meant to be.
by Mrs. Shoto Todorokis wife June 15, 2019
The Best Hero and Husbando of all My Hero Academia. A Precious bean that must be loved and protected.
Mom: What's your boyfriends name?

Me: Shoto Todoroki

Dad: WHAT?!

Me: Exactly.
by Sweetndeadlykal April 13, 2021
Me Dakota ( Shoto Todoroki)
I am Shoto Todoroki
by The UnfinishedGamer October 30, 2019
the emo bitch from My Hero Academia if you're a weeb it's Boku No Hero Academia. Todoroki had a rough childhood all because of his father Endeavour he's a piece of shit just sayin.Todoroki i often shipped with Deku and Bakugou by horny ass 14 year olds. Todo has fire and ice powers so he can burn your ass.
person 1:Is that Shoto Todoroki?
Person 2:Yes he's gay and nice at the same time.
Person 1:Wow i wish i was his friend.
by Kristy13 July 6, 2019