A kind of slang thats been made famous by Slick Gamer...making a phrase shorter by cutting the words and putting it in one
English: Lets get crazy drunk on friday
Slang: Lets get crunk on last day
Shorting: Legget crunk on lazzay
by Lil' Shuffl3r October 25, 2007
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A term generally used in referance to someone who acts stupid on purpose in order to make thereselves look cool.

Pronounced: Shore-Tin-Ick
Like when a person gets a joke perfectly but says that stupid, "Whahh..." to look cool and make people laugh. But everyone knows thats what there doing and they say, "Dude. Your being shortinic. Knock it the fuck off. Your not cool. You know what? Just leave dude. Just leave. Everybody who wants Mr. Shortinic to leave, raise your hand." And everyone raises there hand.
by BuriedInTheFlames June 5, 2009
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A slang term allowing for a new word to be created by both shortening two words, and then having those two shortened sections in a combination which makes them appear legitimate.
Shortinated is an example of a word which has been Shortinated
by I'm Ron Burgundy?? October 29, 2010
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