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Hit man. Person you trust most. Homie
Damn, trust worthy people are so hard to find these days.
True but you know you my Shoota. You my homie nigga.
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by OC_Ghetto_Gurl July 24, 2016
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An Ork slang word for gun, used in the Warhammer 40k video games and Tabletop.

Due to the low level intelligence that the Old ones departed on to such creatures, they talk in slang, mostly substituting 'c' for 'k' and ending everything with an 'a' or 'z. Most words lack in ending consonants.

It is the Will of the God Emperor, that we destroy these beasts, in order to safeguard the galaxy.
Ork: "Boss, We gots our Shoota's ready to go Dakka Dakka Dakka"

Boss: "Good... Cuz we were made for Fightin and Winnin"
by Commisar Ederick July 10, 2008
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A slang term for a gun, used in many parts of the USA.
Male 1: "Bitch what muhfuckin shoota you got?!"
Male 2: "I got a beretta, nigga"
Male 1: "Thats a pig gun! Hahaha you hang wit 5-o, punk ass bitch!!"
by Jahi January 11, 2008
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