An utterance of defeated frustration and exasperation. Often used in overly one-sided argument by someone who is too tired to fight, or is in a hopeless bind.
Look, I KNOW the horse is out the gate, I left it open, he's gone. I KNOW. I'm gonna go look for him... why you still beating on me? Get it over with and just shoot me already. Christ on a bike.
by ephemerae December 9, 2004
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This is an expression of extreme frustration. Synonymous with FUCK and TITS

Or a strong negative response to a suggestion. Synonymous with hell no and over my dead body as well as fuck that.

Or in rare occasion an actual request to be shot by a firearm. Synonymous with the n-word granted the right audience and location.
1-I can't fucking do this shit
1-Just Fucking shoot me


1-Want to see the new alvin and the chipmunks movie?
2-Just fucking shoot me.

OR...(If on death row in Oklahoma)

1-For your crimes your life will be taken. How would you like the Great State of Oklahoma to take your life? Lethal Injection, Electric Chair, Firing Squad?
2-Just Fucking Shoot Me
1-Sweet, that's my favorite. I'm a backward fuck who still believes in capital punishment and doing it in extremely inhumane ways. We also believe in using capital punishment as much as possible. If only we could keep up with those sick fucks in Texas and Virginia.
by ModernMan2011 December 29, 2011
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