When one poops or shits in the shower. A shower pooper.
"Anthony poops in the shower", "hes a shooper".

"Anthony shooped everywhere"!
by Baldwin December 8, 2005
A person who adds their face on memes
I’m going to edit a meme a put my face on it I’m a shooper
by Shooter37 September 23, 2017
one who poops in the shower for positive reactions from those around them
Matt, brother of Andy and Robert, is the first shooper to hit the streets.

Today after Gym, Matt expressed his true shooper ways
by DAVEOHN August 18, 2006
the slang term of the word super
"that boy over there is shooperbomb,ya feel me!!"
by Jazmyn Ray September 2, 2007
a slang term word of the original word super
"did you see dat boi,he was shooper bomb"
by Jazmyn Ray September 2, 2007
Slippers that are so sturdy they can be used as shoes.
Put your shoopers on before you go outside.
by silvertabby April 2, 2016