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A popular drink mix in southern United States, which consists of fireball whiskey, monster, and a bit of cherry juice
Me and John got wasted from a shooby-dooby last night
by Trevdawg1227 December 05, 2018
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1. An exclamatory remark conveying that you are having a super baller cosmictronicly awesome time.

2. An expression of approval of the fat blunt or joint that has just been rolled and is ready to smoke.

3. A boisterous greeting, especially appropriate when being welcomed to a killer party at your homeboy's place.

4. A communication of the gradual or sudden super-epiphany that occurs most frequently during a psychedelic experience.
1. "Shooooby Doooby, brosephiney!"

2. "How's this look?" says Riz. "Shooby Dooby. Spark it." says TJ.

3. "Look who the fuck is here! Shooby Dooby, mother fucker!

4. "Hehheeeeehooooo." Everyone looks at the depositor of that sound. He stares at them all and exclaims, "SHOOBY... DOOBY." They all burst into laughter from the statement of glorious joyousness.
by Thomas Jefferson The Prez July 25, 2009
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