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To be high as fuck off of anything. Weed, Xanax, Cocaine, etc...

I just smoked sixteen blunts and I'm bugged as fuck.
by YungSack January 10, 2015

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The most beautiful human being you will ever meet. He has nice hair and, though he might not show it much, a nice smile. He has low confidence but knows he's pretty. Even if all the girls want him, he doesn't settle for anyone, all he wants to do is fuck. Even though he doesn't like relationships, he's an amazing boyfriend. He's a very friendly person, sometimes he may get treated like shit by his friends but he just ignores it because he's swag as shit. He has a couple close friends he enjoys consuming drugs with but likes to be friends with anyone. Ricardo is an amazing football player, all of his friends always doubt him but he'll one day show them how skillful he is. He also has a huge cock and is nowhere near being a bitch or female. His friend Andrew looks like Bob Saget. He loves his friends who's names are usually; Jose(Joey), Andrew, and Angel. He has a pretty hoe named Irasema. Hugo is cute af, another friend of Ricardo.
Person 1: Do you know Ricardo Hernandez?
Person 2: No, who is he?
Person 1: Wow, you should meet him, he's so cool.
Person 2: oh shit, I wanna meet Ricardo Hernandez.
by YungSack December 30, 2013

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A shoobie doobie is a really, really, good joint.
Ted: Hey Frank, you got some bud?
Frank: Yeah, dude. You wanna roll it?
Ted: Sure, man. I'll roll a shoobie doobie if you have quality shit.
by YungSack November 03, 2013

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A larger than average blunt or joint. Mostly used to describe fat blunts. Variations include; doinkies, doink, doinkmeister ( used for even larger blunts).
We smoking nothing but doinkies, no skimps.

Homeboy just rolled a dub in a grabba, talmbout big ass doinkie.

Big ass blunt, that's a doinkmeister
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by YungSack April 06, 2017

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