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Shondell is an excellent friend with great tastes in music. She has a perverted mind and will always laugh at your jokes. She can be sometimes referred to as Shawni, but beware. Short jokes are not advised near Shondells, as they tend to be very short and normally have a temper.
Person: Shondell is so cool.
Person 2: That music is so Shondell
Person: True
by Casnookie Mitchum January 05, 2010
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A very funny, tall guy. Super nice and careful with a warm sweet personality and loves music. He tends to be a troublemaker, but loves to have fun. Everyone loves Shondell.
Tiffany: I just met this guy who made me feel so special, hes such a Shondell.
by ilovegodmostofall September 05, 2017
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