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Shlube is a game in which two competitors take one shoe (preferably a sandal) off, hold it in their hand, and try to disarm the shoe from the opponent.
Hey Kovs, care to Shlube?
by Kovs13 August 14, 2011
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the viscous dark brown liquid created when a guy has anal sex with his girlfriend and uses way too much lubricant. the combined use of too much lubricant, combined with the turbidity of having anal sex acts to churn up unpassed fecal material and blend it with lubricant, creating shlube, which has the unholy combination of being greasy and poopy.
Dude, she wanted me to use half the bottle of KY, but the last time I did that, her room smelled like shlube for a month.
by caption boy April 08, 2008
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