Occassion when things go wrong and just roll with it
Going out forgetting masks, phones to check in. Another Shituation
by Ramdom1 March 16, 2022
A place one finds themselves surrounded by shit people, shit living conditions, shit environment, shit offices, shit public services and shit conversations.
The shituation was not great just before and after covid-19 started.
by Patrick the Starfish001 June 21, 2021
Had a bit of a shituation I was stuck in (shitty situation) however luckily with some help I managed to get by and out of the shituation I'd been in.
by JezTaylorMade June 2, 2021
After the sext was discovered, a shituation ensued with my employer.
by DebraDiva December 30, 2017
When you have to go number two, and your not in or near a good place to do so
Hey guys, yesterday I was driving and got into a shituation.
Guy 1- what did you do
Me- pulled over and ran into the woods with some paper towel to go!
by A Hoss November 25, 2021
When your child defies gravity and shits up her back covering everything in arms reach in shit.
The baby just had an explosive diaper and now we have a shituation.
by Jessee Lou November 26, 2017
Any circumstances resulting in dismal failure and disappointment.
That party was a shituation I'll be trying very hard to forget.
by 10commoncents April 14, 2015