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1. An exclamation of extreme rage

2. When your expectations are shattered by bad news

(also known as a Shitty Pants Situation)
"Shitty Pants!"

"This couldn't get any worse, what a Shitty Pants Situation"
by 1234509876 August 26, 2009
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One who defecates in their own pants. Forever labeled "Shitty Pants". A label in which few are given. This label is not one that is generally liked by the wearer. Because people know just from the name, there is a slight chance you may, infact shit your pants while in their company. And once people think this, there is no real way for anyone to feel comforatable in your presence. Perhaps after time the label will loose its weight, but the half-life of this label rivals that of Uranium 235.
by MF September 03, 2002
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Someone who inadvertantly shits their pants during a time period which it is highly uncommon for one to soil themselves.

The phrase is usually used behind the soiler's back to make fun of them or to publicly humiliate them without thier common knowledge.
Guy #1: "Dude, that chick got so wasted last night, she passed out and shit her pants"

Guy #2: "No way! What a Shittypants!"

Guy #1: "She even left little shits in the matress, and she doesn't think anybody knows she shit herself!"

Shittypants: "You guys talking about me?"

Guy #2:
by morganshittypants August 21, 2008
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