How you feel when you are or were really scared of something, someone or an event.
Man....when those two Pit Bulls chased me, I was shitting twinkies! I thought for sure I was going to get a mauled!
by Bigdog1973 August 11, 2011
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1) To violently explode anger

2) Something that was so amazing or fucking retarded that made you shit a mountain of cream- filled, chocolate-covered, yellow logs of scrumdidilyumpciousness after your friend decides to dare you to shove your penis into your anus and makes you watch gay porn after 5 bottles of beer and 2 viagra
today i witnessed my teacher shit twinkies because none of us decided to actually do our final over how ghanoreah and a shit load of other STD's can affect the reproductive system and someones social life in health class.
by sundontshine June 20, 2011
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noun; A cum filled turd as a result of anal sex. A sperm injected piece of feces resulting from rectal intercourse.
That new moderator, David Ryder, is a real shit twinkie.
by Ancap Fanatic May 22, 2017
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When a sweet ass girl shits out your man juice.
Aaron just did me up the ass. Now I gotta go shit a twinkie.
by Mike Ladwig October 02, 2006
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when bad events foment an unreasonably pessimestic view of life.
Life is a shit-filled twinkie and it's time to take another bite!
by donkeykongdick December 22, 2007
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something so fuckin unbelievable you actually shit a pink twinkie
I was so surprised when she licked my chode, I shit pink twinkies
by carney007 July 22, 2008
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A simple phrase stated at a time of anger, simply to ease the irritation off of yourself.
Frank: "Hey Bill, no one loves you. You're adopted!"
Bill: "Shut up Frank. Go shit a purple twinky..."
by Hokie K February 19, 2008
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