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A form of shitposting where the main premise is philosophical intelligence, or intellectual discussion. Under these guises, the neo-shitpost attempts to create an image of surreal or ironic investment in an otherwise asinine topic. It may or may not build up tension to a point of vividly engaging the reader, and then flip back into a regular shitpost or meme.
"I posted a neo-shitpost last night about how weebs are unfairly treated in western culture due to reciprocation of their consumption, ie spouting occasional Japanese phrases un-ironically and such, compared to western media consumers who may quote their favorite lines from movies and receive no negative attention, and even praise for timing such a line with the current situation faced. An example of this would be talking about the Force from Star Wars."
~ Closet Weaboo attempting to justify his actions
by Mozzarellah January 25, 2017
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