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Verb meaning to do ratchet shit as a prerequisite to a come up. To con, hustle, or get over.
"Yo I had to shindizzle my pay stubs to qualify for that apartment. "

"Sooo, Im so broke that I had to return these shoes I wore to the job interview. So I shindizzled at the store and said "They looked worn so I'm bringing them back" lmao. You gotta do what you gotta do."
by Xotina&dis2good September 30, 2016
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A synonym for partay. Derived from the word 'shindig'. Describes an Xtreme party.
Hey, you be going to Bogo's shindizzle Saturday night?
by BelleFille6520 December 15, 2004
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is a word said when something is awesome or radical it is said when chillin with your bros
yo man we the shin dizzle.

this pie is the shin dizzle

chuck norris is the shin dizzle
by KC longrod May 20, 2008
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